tea noun

1 drink

ADJ. fresh There's some fresh (= just made) tea in the pot. | stewed (= very strong), strong | weak | cold, hot, lukewarm, scalding | milky | white (usually after tea) I'll have tea?white, no sugar, please. | black | sugary, sweet | (early) morning | decaffeinated | fragrant | China/Chinese, Indian, etc. | Earl Grey, green | fruit, herb/herbal | camomile, jasmine, lemon, mint, etc. | iced

QUANT. cup, flask, mug, pot

VERB + TEA drink I don't drink tea. | have | sip, swallow She sipped her hot tea slowly. | take a mouthful/sip of | brew, get (sb), make (sb), mash I'll make you some tea. | bring sb, dispense (often humorous), ply sb with (humorous), serve (sb), take sb I'll bring you a cup of tea in a few minutes. John rushed around dispensing tea and cakes to everyone. | pour (sb) (out) Pour me out a cup of tea please. | stir

TEA + VERB brew, mash You haven't let the tea brew long enough. | cool

TEA + NOUN pot (also teapot), urn | cosy | service, set a bone china tea service | tray, trolley A lady comes round the office with a tea trolley in the afternoon. | bar, garden, room, shop The hospital tea bar is run by volunteers. | boy (offensive when used of an older man), lady | drinker, drinking | break | party | ceremony

PREP. in your ~ Do you take sugar in your tea?

PHRASES tea and coffee, tea and biscuits/cake/cakes/sandwiches/scones, tea and sympathy He tried to alleviate their disappointment by inviting them in for tea and sympathy. | tea for two ‘Tea for two’, said Mary, ‘and a slice of your delicious chocolate cake.’ | tea or coffee Would you like tea or coffee? | tea-making facilities All rooms have tea-making facilities.

2 leaves for making tea

ADJ. loose (= tea that is not in bags)

QUANT. packet

VERB + TEA grow

TEA + VERB grow

TEA + NOUN leaf | bag | caddy | strainer | estate, plantation | chest He stores his books in a tea chest.

3 meal

ADJ. afternoon, cream, high | birthday, funeral

TEA + NOUN things I cleared away the tea things. > Note at MEAL(for verbs)