technique noun

ADJ. effective, powerful, useful | basic, simple | conventional, established, standard, traditional | advanced, modern, sophisticated | ingenious | alternative, experimental | assessment, communication, dating, evaluation, exam/examination, farming, interview, management, manufacturing, marketing, problem-solving, recording, relaxation, research, sales, teaching, training She needs to work on her interview technique if she's going to get a job. | analytical, mathematical, medical, photographic, scientific, statistical, surgical

VERB + TECHNIQUE have He has an ingenious technique for dealing with problems of that sort. | adopt, apply, deploy, employ, implement, try, use On the walls I applied the same technique as I had used for the ceiling. | develop, devise, pioneer The technique was pioneered in California. | acquire, learn, master, practise struggling to master the new technique | adapt, improve, perfect, work at/on | demonstrate, describe

TECHNIQUE + VERB allow sth, enable sth Modern freezing techniques enable the chickens to be stored for weeks. | work The new technique works better than the one it has replaced. | be based on sth, be derived from sth singing techniques derived from Tibetan music

PREP. ~ for techniques for the storage of data | ~ in They learn basic techniques in self-defence.