television noun

ADJ. cable, closed-circuit, digital, high-definition, satellite, terrestrial | commercial, state | local, national | live Millions watched the events on live television. | black-and-white, colour | portable

VERB + TELEVISION watch The children watched television for most of the evening.

TELEVISION + VERB broadcast sth, screen sth The state television screened pictures of the trial.

TELEVISION + NOUN chat show, comedy, documentary, drama, film, news, programme, series, show | debate, interview | advert/advertisement, commercial | audience, viewer | personality, presenter | actor, director | character | cameraman, crew | journalist | appearance She recalled her first television appearance forty years ago. | career | coverage, exposure The Olympics receive extensive television coverage. | adaptation a television adaptation of the popular novel | camera | aerial | channel, network, station | licence | business, company, industry, service | monitor, receiver, set | screen | aerial

PREP. in ~ She works in television. | in front of the ~ He spends hours in front of the television every night. | on ~ We were watching the news on television.