temper noun

1 tendency to become angry easily

ADJ. bad, fierce, fiery, nasty, terrible, vicious, violent | uncontrollable

QUANT. display, fit, flash, outburst He broke the chair in a fit of violent temper.

VERB + TEMPER have He has a nasty temper. | control, keep I only just managed to keep my temper with him. | fly into, lose She loses her temper at the drop of a hat (= without good reason).

TEMPER + VERB flare, rise Tempers flared as the traffic jam became worse. | cool (down)

TEMPER + NOUN tantrum

PREP. in a ~ She stormed out of the room in a temper.

PHRASES keep you temper in check/under control He had to learn to keep his temper under control before he could become a teacher.

2 way you are feeling

ADJ. bad, filthy, foul, ill, terrible Peter's comments were responsible for her ill temper. | good | frayed Frayed tempers at the end of the match led to three players being se | uncertain

VERB + TEMPER improve | recover, regain She regained her good temper after a chat.

TEMPER + VERB improve | fray, worsen

PREP. in a ~ He stormed out of the room in a temper.

PHRASES not be in the best of tempers I wasn't in the best of tempers when I arrived at the meeting.