tie verb

1 attach/fasten sb/sth with string/rope

ADV. firmly, securely, tightly Did you tie the balloons on tightly? | loosely He wore plimsolls, loosely tied with bits of string. | carefully | neatly Tie the cords neatly. | back, on, together, up

PREP. around/round He tied his dressing gown firmly around him. | onto I tied the bundle onto the end of the string. | to She tied the rope securely to a tree. | with Katie tied her hair back with a ribbon.

PHRASES tie sb hand and foot The prisoners were tied hand and foot.

2 connect sb/sth with sb/sth else

ADV. closely, intimately Their company's future is closely tied to our own. | directly | firmly | inextricably | in, together, up Production and consumption are inextricably tied together.

PREP. in with The concert will tie in with the festival of dance taking place the same weekend. | to You can't stay tied to her forever. | up with Her behaviour is tied up with her feelings of guilt.