tip noun

1 pointed end

ADJ. northern, etc. We took a bus to the northern tip of the island. | very The cat was black except for a patch of white on the very tip of its tail.

PREP. ~ of the tips of your fingers/toes

2 money

ADJ. big, generous, good, large | poor, small

VERB + TIP give sb, leave sb He left the waitress a large tip. | get We get rather poor tips on weeknights.

3 advice

ADJ. good, handy, helpful, useful | hot He said he'd been given a hot tip for that afternoon's race. | beauty, gardening, money-saving, safety, etc. | racing

VERB + TIP have | give sb, pass on | take, use Take a safety tip from me?get that light mended! | pick up

PREP. ~ for some handy tips for gardeners | ~ on Do you have any tips on buying a second-hand car?