title noun

1 name of a book, film, etc.

ADJ. book, essay, film, song

VERB + TITLE give sth

TITLE + NOUN page | role He played the title role in ‘Hamlet’. | track ‘Birth’, the title track of his latest album

PREP. under a/the ~ She published her poetry under the title ‘The Land and the Garden’.

2 book, magazine, etc.

ADJ. new Forty per cent of new titles were actually new editions of existing books. | best-selling

VERB + TITLE publish The company is publishing fewer titles than last year.

3 name of a rank/profession

ADJ. grand, long She bears the grand title ‘Divisional President of the Finances Committee’. | courtesy, diplomatic, honorary, honorific, official ‘Mrs’ was a courtesy title for any unmarried woman in business at that time. ‘Minister’ is one of several diplomatic titles. | job His job title is Special Projects Officer. | full Victor Oldenburg, or Count Victor Oldenburg and Hess, to give him his full title

VERB + TITLE bear, have, inherit She has a title (= is of noble birth). | award, bestow, confer The king bestowed lands and titles upon his followers.

4 championship win

ADJ. European, national, world, etc. | championship, French Open, Premier League, etc. | heavyweight, middleweight, etc.

VERB + TITLE clinch, win Deportivo clinched the title with a goal in the final seconds of the last game of the season. | hold He held the world heavyweight title until last year. | defend | retain | lose

TITLE + NOUN challenge, fight, match He has been building up fitness for his world title challenge. | holder > Special page at SPORT