translation noun

ADJ. accurate, correct, exact | approximate, free, rough | direct, literal, straight, word-for-word | English, Japanese, etc. | simultaneous There will be simultaneous translation in English and Chinese. | automatic, machine advances in machine translation

VERB + TRANSLATION do, make I've got this translation to do for Friday. She tried making her own translation of the sign without consulting a dictionary. | work on | read | survive The poems do not survive the translation into English. | lose sth in The irony is lost in translation.

TRANSLATION + VERB read The translation of the Latin motto reads ‘Not for oneself, but for others’.

TRANSLATION + NOUN process | service, work | facilities | exercise | equivalent

PREP. for ~ Each unit of the course ends with sentences for translation. | in ~ I read the book in translation, not in the original Norwegian. | ~ into Simultaneous translation into English is available to delegates.