tree noun

ADJ. deciduous, evergreen | coniferous | native | exotic, tropical | ornamental | forest, woodland | big, great, high, huge, large, massive, mighty, tall | low, small, stunted | mature | bare, leafless | shady We sat beneath a shady tree. | shade It was a small town of dust lanes and wide shade trees. | hollow | gnarled a gnarled old apple tree | fruit | apple, peach, pear, etc. | beech, elm, oak, willow, etc. | Christmas

QUANT. clump, copse, grove | avenue, belt, line

VERB + TREE plant | climb | chop down, cut down, fell Protesters formed a human blockade to stop loggers felling trees. | uproot The floods left a tide of mud and uprooted trees. | prune

TREE + VERB grow | stand An enormous oak tree stands at the entrance to the school. | line sth Palm trees line the broad avenue. | sway Trees swayed gently in the breeze. | be blown down, blow down | produce sth The tree produces tiny white blossoms.

TREE + NOUN bark, branch, leaves, root, stump, trunk | tops (also treetops) | canopy dappled shafts of light which struggled through the tree canopy | cover Tree cover would prevent further soil erosion. | felling, planting | species | line (also treeline) Above the treeline take a grassy path leading steeply towards the summit. | belt The tree belt around the fields acts as a windbreak. | growth | rings The forest can be dated by studying tree rings. | damage tree damage caused by acid rain | nursery He bought tools and seeds with the aim of setting up a tree nursery. | surgeon

PREP. in a/the ~ a bird in a tree | on a/the ~ fruit on a tree | under a ~ We sat under a tree, in the shade. | up a/the ~ The cat got stuck up a tree.