trust noun

1 relying on sb/sth

ADJ. great They have placed great trust in him as a negotiator. | absolute, complete | blind, implicit They followed the instructions in blind trust that all would turn out well. | basic | mutual | sacred They accepted the responsibility as a sacred trust (= sth that had been trusted to them). | fragile the fragile trust that existed between them | misplaced | public the need to restore public trust

VERB + TRUST have We have absolute trust in the teachers. Does the scheme have the trust and cooperation of the workers? | place, put | build (up), develop | earn, gain, win | abuse, betray He claimed the government had betrayed the trust of the British peo | lose | restore | be based on a relationship based on trust

TRUST + VERB exist

PREP. ~ between efforts to promote mutual trust between nations | ~ in His trust in them was misplaced.

PHRASES a breach of trust, a lack of trust, a position of trust As a teacher, you are in a position of trust.

2 financial arrangement

ADJ. independent, self-governing | offshore, overseas | investment | unit Investing in a unit trust reduces risks for small investors. | charitable, family, hospital

VERB + TRUST hold sth in/on, keep sth in The proceeds will be held in trust for the children until they are eighteen. | create, establish, set up Wealthy people can set up overseas trusts for their children. | invest in | administer, run

TRUST + NOUN account, assets, fund | deed | status | manager | beneficiary, holder

PREP. in ~ His father put the money in trust for him until he was 21. | ~ for the Cecil Houses Trust for old people