use noun

1 using/being used

ADJ. considerable, extensive, great, heavy, liberal | full, maximum He made full use of the opportunity to travel. | excessive a style of writing with an excessive use of metaphor | increased, increasing | constant, continued, daily, everyday, frequent, regular, repeated, routine the daily use of a deodorant | wide, widespread a campaign to encourage wider use of public transport | common, current, general, normal, ordinary This software is no longer in common use. | limited | occasional | appropriate, careful, clever, correct, effective, efficient, good, judicious, legitimate, optimum, proper, safe, selective Holding a lavish party was not the best use of scarce funds. an efficient use of resources an article with a judicious use of examples The layout of the furniture makes optimum use of the space available. | indiscriminate, poor | illegal, unauthorized | personal, private | external, internal This antiseptic is for external use only. | home fire extinguishers for home use | clinical, commercial, industrial | official | exclusive for the exclusive use of club members | free Guests have free use of the hotel swimming pool. | immediate Only half the land was fit for immediate use. | drug, heroin, etc. Drug use in this age group is on the increase. | land | language | energy | library

VERB + USE make We made use of the car while you were away. | bring sth (back) into, come into a technology which came into use at the end of the last century | go out of The expression went out of use some time ago.

PREP. for ~ This phone number is only for use in an emergency. | in ~ The phone is in constant use.

PHRASES ease of use This model has been designed for greater ease of use. | for use as The record is intended for use as background music. | ready for use This room is now ready for use.

2 purpose for which sth is used

ADJ. different | new

VERB + USE have This herb has a variety of uses. | find, put sth to Can you find a use for this old table? Don't throw that box away?I'm sure I could put it to some use.

PHRASES a variety of uses

3 ability/permission to use sth

ADJ. full the full use of your mental faculties

VERB + USE have Since his stroke he hasn't had the use of his left hand. | give sb, offer (sb) We gave them the use of our house while we were on holiday. | deny sb They denied us use of the college library. | lose | recover, regain After a while she regained the use of her fingers.

PREP. ~ of She lost the use of her legs in a car accident.

4 how useful sth is

ADJ. practical

VERB + USE be of Could this old coat be of use to you? | have I have no use for my golf clubs any more.

PREP. of … ~ It's of no practical use to me. | ~ to Is it any use to you?

PHRASES be no use It's no use running?the train has already gone.