use verb

ADV. carefully, efficiently | sparingly This paint is very expensive, so please use it sparingly. | indiscriminately | frequently, generally, habitually, normally, regularly, usually Do you habitually use display screen equipment as a significant part of your job? | occasionally, rarely | up The oil had all been used up.

VERB + USE be easy to, be simple to These garden shears are lightweight and easy to use. | be difficult to, be hard to | be ready to | be likely to, tend to the factors that make people likely to use heroin Manufacturers tend to use disks made in the US. | decide to | intend to, plan to | attempt to, try to | allow sb to, be entitled to, let sb, permit sb to Candidates are not allowed to use dictionaries in the exam. | forbid sb to | teach sb to

PREP. as The tennis court is sometimes used as a car park. | for chemicals that are used for cleaning

PHRASES permission to use sth