useful adj.

VERBS be, look, prove, seem | become | make yourself She told Fred to make himself useful. | consider sth, find sth some leaflets which you might find useful

ADV. enormously, especially, exceptionally, extremely, genuinely, highly, more than (informal), particularly, really, tremendously, very making an exceptionally useful contribution to the debate In all departments, Leeds looked a more than useful side (= they played very well). | fairly, pretty, quite | equally The same information is equally useful when negotiating. | generally, universally This method has proved the most generally useful. | potentially | practically The subject is practically useful and will stand you in good stead when looking for a job. | undoubtedly an undoubtedly useful skill | socially to provide rewarding and socially useful employment

PREP. as useful as a short-term measure | for useful for a variety of purposes useful for people who need a short break | in She was very useful in dealing with foreign visitors. | to information which will be useful to new mothers