victory noun

ADJ. famous, glorious, great, historic, impressive, notable, outstanding, remarkable, significant, superb | clear, clear-cut, comfortable, convincing, crushing, easy, emphatic, handsome, landslide, massive, overwhelming, resounding, sweeping His party won a landslide victory in the elections. | complete, comprehensive, outright, total | narrow | conclusive, decisive The army won the decisive victory that changed the course of the war. | dramatic, thrilling | shock, stunning, surprise, unexpected | crucial, vital | deserved, well-deserved | hollow, Pyrrhic | election, electoral, military, moral, political

VERB + VICTORY clinch, ensure, notch up, pull off, record, score, secure, snatch, win They would do whatever lay in their power to ensure victory for themselves. The Hungarians pulled off a surprise victory against the Italian champions. | taste The England cricket team has tasted victory for the first time this season. | end in | roar/romp/storm/sweep to Labour swept to victory in the 2001 election. | hail sth as | hail Union leaders hailed the socialists' victory as a huge step forward. | celebrate | claim The outcome left both sides claiming victory. | gain sb, give sb | deny sb The Dutch champions were denied victory in a tough 2?2 draw at Porto.

VICTORY + NOUN celebration, parade | speech | dance, salute

PREP. ~ against a victory against Fascism | ~ for The case was hailed as a victory for the common man. | ~ over their resounding victory over England

PHRASES snatch victory from the jaws of defeat