visible adj.

VERBS be | become | remain, stay The scars remained visible all her life. | leave sth, make sth We cut the trees down to make the lake visible from the house.

ADV. all too, clearly, easily, highly, obviously, particularly, plainly, readily, very His relief was all too visible. The election poster was clearly visible from the street. Italy has a highly visible environmental movement. | fully, quite The sea was now out, leaving the wreck fully visible. Ellie's quite visible embarrassment | just The mountains were just visible, dusky and black. | barely, hardly, scarcely The low, flat boats were barely visible. | almost | half, partially She stood, half visible in the dim light. | dimly, faintly A figure was dimly visible in the evening gloom. | externally | immediately Women are advised to wait where they are not immediately visible to approaching traffic. | still | no longer

PREP. to Its contents were visible to all of them.

PHRASES visible to the naked eye tiny spiders that are hardly visible to the naked eye