walk noun

1 trip on foot

ADJ. brief, little, short We took a brief walk around the old quarter. | good, long, long-distance, marathon It's a good (= fairly long) walk to the town centre, so I usually cycle. We went for a long walk after breakfast. He's done several long-distance walks for charity. | three-minute, five minutes', etc. It's a five-minute walk from the lecture theatre to the restaurant. We live just a few minutes' walk from the station. | brisk, vigorous The doctor advised a brisk walk every day. | easy, gentle, leisurely | hard, strenuous | exhilarating, lovely, pleasant, pretty | twenty-minute, two-mile, etc. | after-dinner, afternoon, daily, evening, etc. | solitary She used to enjoy solitary walks along the cliffs. | romantic | guided We went on a guided walk of the city in the afternoon. | charity, sponsored She's doing a 200-mile sponsored walk in aid of cancer research. | circular | coastal, country, forest, hill, lakeside, nature, riverside, woodland | space, tightrope the anniversary of the first space walk

VERB + WALK do, go for, go on, have, take The book contains circular walks you can do in half a day. We'll go for a walk before lunch. We went on a ten-mile walk along the coast. | take sb/sth for She takes her dog for a walk every evening. | break They broke their walk at a pub by the river. | continue, resume

WALK + VERB take sb/sth The walk takes two hours. The walk takes you past a lot of interesting buildings.

PREP. on a/the ~ He met her on one of his Sunday afternoon walks. | within (a) ~ All amenities are within an easy walk of the hotel. | ~ from, ~ to

PHRASES a walk around I had a little walk around to calm my nerves.

2 style of walking

ADJ. funny, silly | jaunty | mincing | loose-limbed | ungainly | fast | sedate, slow, stately

VERB + WALK do, have She did a silly walk to amuse her friends. He has a mincing walk, fast with short steps.

3 a walk: speed of walking

VERB + WALK slow to | move off at, set off at The horses set off at a walk.