wander verb

1 move slowly around a place /go from place to place

ADV. slowly | aimlessly | disconsolately, restlessly | happily | at will, freely The cattle are allowed to wander freely. | just, simply Simply wandering is a pleasure in itself. | far, further (afield) One day she wandered further afield. | about, across, along, around/round, away, back, in, off, out, over He just wandered in one day and asked for a job.

VERB + WANDER be free to Visitors are free to wander through the gardens and woods. | allow sb/sth to, let sb/sth How could you let him wander off like that?

PREP. across, all over, along, among, around, into, out of, round, through, towards Don't go wandering all over the house! He wandered into a bar and ordered a drink.

PHRASES find sb wandering They found him wandering around aimlessly.

2 stop concentrating

ADV. a little

VERB + WANDER begin to His attention was beginning to wander. | allow sth to, let sth Lissa let her mind wander a little.

PREP. from, to My thoughts wandered from the exam questions to my interview the next day.