warn verb

ADV. firmly | clearly | bluntly The chancellor bluntly warned the Cabinet to axe public spending or face higher taxes. | sternly | softly ‘Don't, ’ he warned softly. | specifically We were specifically warned against buying the house. | duly Having been duly warned that I would get nowhere with my application, I went right ahead and applied anyway. | constantly, repeatedly My mother constantly warned me not to go into teaching. | publicly

VERB + WARN had better, have to, must, should I must warn you that some of these animals are extremely dangerous. I thought I should warn her about it. | try to I did try to warn you. | fail to She claimed doctors had failed to warn her of the risks involved.

PREP. about No one had warned us about the unbearable heat. | against We were warned against drinking the local water. | of The report warns of the dangers of smoking. They warned us of the risks involved.

PHRASES be warned You will get better?but be warned, it may be a long process.