wedding noun

ADJ. church, registry office | royal | white

VERB + WEDDING attend, come to, go to | arrange | invite sb to | conduct The wedding will be conducted by the local vicar.

WEDDING + VERB take place The royal wedding will take place in June.

WEDDING + NOUN day, night | invitation | plans, preparations | date We haven't set a wedding date yet. | dress, gown | clothes, outfit, suit | band, ring She had a plain wedding band on her third finger. | finger a ring on her wedding finger | breakfast, feast | ceremony, service | vows | procession | party, reception | celebrations | speech | cake | gift, present | list We were choosing what present to buy from the wedding list they'd sent. | group, guests, party | album, photographs, video | anniversary | bells (figurative) After going out with her boyfriend for a year, she started talking about wedding bells.

PREP. at a/the ~ I met her at my brother's wedding.