welcome noun

ADJ. big, enthusiastic, friendly, great, rapturous, rousing, special, tumultuous, warm The audience gave the band a rousing welcome. | broad, general The proposals have been given a broad welcome by green campaigners. | cautious, guarded, qualified | cool, cold, chilly | official | hero's She got a hero's welcome on her return from the Olympics.

VERB + WELCOME get, receive | extend, give sb | await A warm welcome awaits you at this family-run hotel. | outstay/overstay your Sensing that he had outstayed his welcome, he quickly said his goodbyes and left.

PREP. in ~ She held out her arms in welcome. | ~ from The proposal received a cautious welcome from the Opposition. | ~ to A big welcome to our special guest, Sir James Greenan. They received a cold welcome to their new home.

PHRASES a smile of welcome, a speech of welcome, words of welcome