wing noun

1 of a bird/insect

ADJ. left, right | fore, front The beetle's fore wings are small and are not used in flight. | back, hind | broad, long, narrow, pointed, short, stubby | delicate | leathery, membranous | broken, damaged a bird with a broken wing | outspread, outstretched | butterfly, chicken, etc. the patterns on butterfly wings First, fry the chicken wings in the oil until they begin to brown.

QUANT. pair

VERB + WING extend, open, spread, stretch, unfold | close, fold | flap, flutter It flapped its wings and flew off. | clean | clip (often figurative) Pete felt he had had his wings clipped when his driving licence was confiscated. | grow, sprout I wish I could sprout wings and fly away.

WING + VERB beat, flap, flutter

WING + NOUN tip | feathers

PREP. on a/the ~ It had white markings on its wings. | under a/the ~ The young birds were under the mother bird's wing. (figurative) Simon's uncle had taken him under his wing.

2 of a plane

ADJ. aircraft | left, port | right, starboard | fixed | folding

WING + VERB stick out


3 of a building

ADJ. north, south, etc. | private | hospital | maternity | maximum security (= of a prison)

VERB + WING add, build | demolish, destroy, pull down A bomb destroyed the east wing.

PREP. in a/the ~ Our rooms were in the west wing.

4 of a car

ADJ. nearside, offside | front, rear

VERB + WING damage, dent The nearside wing was damaged in the accident. | mend, repair, replace

WING + NOUN mirror

PREP. in a/the ~ There was a dent in one wing.

5 of an organization

ADJ. left, right | conservative | liberal, progressive, reformist | extreme, radical | revolutionary | moderate | dissident | political | military, paramilitary

PREP. on a/the ~ They're on the left wing of the Labour Party.