wreckage noun

ADJ. mangled, tangled, twisted | blazing, burning, smoking | aircraft

QUANT. bit, piece Pieces of wreckage have been found up to three miles away.

VERB + WRECKAGE scatter, spread The crash left wreckage spread over a wide area. | be strewn with The runway is still strewn with wreckage. | sight Wreckage has been sighted fifteen miles north of the island. | survey He surveyed the wreckage of his expensive equipment. | search, sift through Police are searching the wreckage for clues to the cause of the accident. | examine | clear The wreckage has now been cleared from the motorway. | be buried in, be trapped in Several people are still trapped in the wreckage. | crawl from | cut sb (free) from, free sb from, pull sb from He had to be cut from the wreckage by firemen. | find sth among The remains of an explosive device were found among the wreckage. | recover sth from, rescue/save sb/sth from, salvage sth from Another body has been recovered from the wreckage. (figurative) Could nothing be rescued from the wreckage of her dreams?

WRECKAGE + VERB be strewn Wreckage was strewn over a wide area.

PREP. amidst/among/amongst the ~ Bodies lay among the tangled wreckage. | in the ~ Her body was discovered in the wreckage. | ~ from A search is going on for wreckage from the blazing aircraft.