writer noun

ADJ. celebrated, distinguished, eminent, famous, great, influential, leading, major, prominent, well-known one of the greatest writers of all time | award-winning | best-selling, popular | favourite | prolific a very prolific crime writer | creative, fine, good, talented one of the best writers in journalism today | experienced | young | aspiring a chance for aspiring writers to get their work published | academic, freelance, ghost (also ghostwriter), professional, staff | anonymous | contemporary, living, modern, recent | ancient, classical, Greek, Roman | Renaissance, Victorian, etc. | sixteenth-century, etc. | early, later early writers in sociology | female, gay, male, woman She gives talks about being a black woman writer. | Christian, communist, feminist, political, socialist | religious, spiritual | comedy, fiction, prose, science-fiction | film, letter, magazine, music, paperback, screenplay, script, short-story, software, textbook | copy, feature, gossip, headline, leader, report | cookery, crime, fashion, food, football, golf, science, sports, thriller, travel | short-hand | the present (written) The present writer (= the person writing) has no experience in microbiology.

WRITER + VERB write sth a popular writer who has written over forty books | argue sth, describe sth, point sth out, put it (written), say sth, suggest sth As one twelfth-century writer put it, English wine could be drunk only with closed eyes and through clenched teeth. Is political culture, as some writers have suggested, in a state of collapse? | be interested in sth

PREP. ~ for a freelance feature writer for the Guardian | ~ of a writer of children's books | ~ on He is a prominent writer on civil liberties. | ~ to a writer to the letters column

PHRASES an association/a group/a guild of writers, a writer's association/group/guild/union, a writer in residence We have decided not to employ a writer in residence after June. | a writer of the day/period/time Unlike many writers of the period, she is not preoccupied with morality. | writer's block He's just released a new album after two years of writer's block. > Note at JOB